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Prayer Rugs

Prayer rugs have been around at least as long as the Muslim religion and the idea of artistic, woven ground covers for devotional practices have been in use for millennia. The prayer rug that is most commonly referred to in the world of oriental weaving is a smallish ( 3' x 5' or less ) hand-woven wool or silk piece that is laid upon the ground, or floor, during Muslim devotional prayers. Not all small rugs are prayer rugs and the design used in a prayer rug invariably Prayer Rugshas an arch or niche at one end of the piece in order that the devotee may kneel on the rug and pray in the direction of the holy city of Mecca.


In most tribal and village weavings the arch is more angular in nature while the formal or city prayer rugs can be very ornate and flowing in design.City Prayer Rug
In the last 100 years is has become more common to see larger size rugs woven using the directional prayer rug motifs but these are generally not made for actual use as a prayer rug but made for export to western countries where the prayer rug styles have become popular as a decorative floor covering. The only larger sized ones that are made for actual devotional use is the 'saf' or 'family prayer rug'. These weavings can be quite long in comparison to the width and appear s any chosen number of arches laid side to side.Larger Prayer Rugs

All of the pieces on this website are hand-woven but not all prayer rugs are hand made. As only some Muslims have access to a weaver or the funds needed to purchase a rug woven by another, machine made examples are readily available. Although they serve a purpose in providing the surface on which to pray the required 5 times daily, they do not have any collectable value or monetary value other than a nominal amount.

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